BioExcess 7.1

Enhances the Windows log-on with a fingerprint authentication
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EgisTec Inc.

Enables authentication in Windows based on the fingerprint scanning technology. Protects Windows environment and its data with another layer of security. Store important data into an online account and auto-fill the data with SwipeOne and Application Launcher.

The common way to login to your PC is with an account ID and password. This may not provide the highest level of security as PC thieves can easily break in and steal your data. Your fingerprints are unique and therefore this method of authentication prevents unauthorized access in an easier, faster and safer way.
BioExcess allows you to secure your computer in an easy and convenient manner! With fingerprint authentication as a pre-requisite, your data and files are always protected. You can store important passwords in the Online Accounts Management, conduct effortless auto-launching to your social networks and other websites through SwipeOne and save time via the Application Launcher.

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